Priorities: What are yours, realistically?

If someone asked you what your top 5 life priorities are in general, what do you think you’d say?  If you’re married with children you might say “my family’s care” as one example, or if you’re single and trying to work your way up the corporate ladder you might say “My career” as another example.  However, not many people have actually taken the time to sit down and realize what their priorities actually are and those who think they have probably haven’t taken the next step to ensure their daily actions/way of life support what they think are their priorities. My goal with this article is just to walk you through the thought process to make sure there’s nothing you missed or any habits you need to change. 

For the sake of this article I’ll pick some generic priorities that most of us can agree on, but also may differ in your own list of top 5 priorities.  This will give you an idea on how to structure them and how to break them down so you can actually make a change in the desired areas. 

Personal priorities examples:

  1. Health and welfare of myself and immediate family
    • Are you eating healthy/working out regularly? 
    • Do you encourage a healthier lifestyle for those around you? 
    • Do you go for regular checkups with the doctor? 
    • Do you smoke or drink too much? 
  2. Financial stability/freedom
    • Are you increasing credit debt or paying it off? 
    • Do you buy frivolous things at the gas station or store? 
    • Are you working extra hours or side jobs to earn more? 
    • Are you paying too much for “entertainment” like Hulu or Netflix? 
  3. Improving interpersonal relationships
    • Do you stay in contact with family regularly? 
    • Do you celebrate your friends’ success and encourage them? 
    • Do you reach out and help when you don’t have to? 
    • Do you talk behind your “friends” backs often? 
  4. Education
    • Have you mapped out a plan to get the degree/education you desire? 
    • Do you say you don’t have enough time, but waste hours on T.V.?
    • Are you racking up debt for a degree that is basically useless? 
    • Are you continuing to further yourself educationally or do you stop with a degree? 
  5. Actually enjoying life
    • Do you take time away from the madness to have fun? 
    • When was the last time you planned a real vacation? 
    • Do you let others tell you that your hobby is stupid or a waste of time? 
    • Do you find yourself more stressed than relaxed on a daily basis? 

These may all seem like pretty simple ideas, but even myself, while writing this, was forced to see the flaws that I make that do NOT align with my own priorities.  It’s almost a “gut check” if you will, that I believe that people today could do well by experiencing. What are your priorities in life?

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