Professional Work

So unfortunately I have to also have a “real” job, you know, one that pays the bills and stuff. So here’s a little bit about what I do on a daily basis as of right now.

Marketing Manager – Since May of 2019 I’ve been working as the Marketing Manager for a trucking company in the Midwest. In this role I work to improve overall marketing while assisting recruitment efforts to attract new qualified candidates.

I deal heavily in the digital marketing space utilizing tools such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and more. Trying to find creative ways to attract our target market is the most challenging part of the job. The trucking industry isn’t the most sexy industry out there so you are forced to come up with new refreshing ideas that other competitors haven’t already thought up, but that’s the “creative” aspect of the job that I really like.

Researching new trends and staying abreast in the Marketing/Trucking industry is another big chunk of my day to day work. Both industries are changing all the time and it takes one to be immersed in it on a daily basis to really have an edge on the rest of the market. I try to stay on top of things by liking industry related Facebook pages, podcasts, shows and other media that I see on a daily basis anyway on my own personal profiles. Some people like to have a hard line of separation between work and personal things, but if separate the two you will neglect one or the other and never truly become the Subject Matter Expert that you’re hoping to become.

That’s about all I’ll get into for now on the topic of my professional work, but if you’d like to learn more please reach out and contact me on my contact form!

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