A 2020 Christmas Poem

Merry Christmas everyone, It’s that time of year again,
Where we gather round with family 
And maybe some good friends.

2020 sure has been something,
That's pretty plain to see,
Sit right back and relax
As I list some out for thee.

COVID19 kicked it off, 
Toilet paper you must conserve,
Don’t worry it’ll be over soon
In 300 days we’ll flatten the curve.

We streamed a lot of content,
But which show reigned supreme?
There’s only one, you probably guessed it
The majestic Tiger King.

To add to the mess,
It was also election year,
Two old white guys fighting
Made us drink a lot of beer.

We had fires in Australia 
And a looming WW3,
Kanye ran for President
And we lost the legend Kobe.

Just when we thought that 2020
Didn’t have much left to bring,
Out come the murder hornets
And their “deadly” sting.

Cancel culture ruled the roost,
Be careful what you say, 
Or BLM and or Antifa
Will try and ruin your day.

This year is nearly over you see,
And once over, it’s done forever
But with the way things are going now
2021 doesn’t look much better.

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